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At ecohug.ca our focus is to promote and market products that are made sustainably, eco friendly with reduced negative impact on earth. We are choosing products that are to be recycled or composted. When we choose products, we ask our suppliers tough questions. Questions like what is the produce materials and ingredients, what is suppliers company values & ethical standard, what is supplier’s policies against eco friendly sustainable products? Do the suppliers maintain values like cruelty free, fair trade etc.?

Our priority is to build awareness and confidence among conscious consumers of why chose sustainable eco friendly products? Through community activities and social medias, we want to establish earth friendly behaviour. Build confidence among conscious consumers to take initiative to make change in lifestyle. Also, working towards how we can make sustainable eco friendly products more available and affordable for everyone so that we can be successful at Zero Waste!

We are drop shipping. We chose suppliers that are an expert of being a drop shipper. Our suppliers ship out the goods between 2 – 3 business days. Majority of our suppliers are located in Canada, USA, & Europe.

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